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By Dr. Dawne Slabach
December 19, 2014
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Many Hollywood stars have orthodontics to thank for their knockout smiles.

If you’ve been considering getting braces in Columbus but still not resigned yourself to getting them yet, here are some celebrities that might change your minds. They weren’t born with gorgeous smiles, but braces certainly make it look like they were:

1. Emma Watson

Before this worldwide sensation took us by storm in the Harry Potter saga, this British actress was just like the rest of us. In fact, she wore traditional metal braces to correct her smile. Want to find out how much braces changed her smile? All you have to do is check out one of the Harry Potter movies and watch her flash that beautifully straight smile to notice the difference orthodontics makes.

2. Tom Cruise

This Mission Impossible actor got the biggest mission of his life: to get straighter teeth. At almost 40, the Hollywood star decided to opt for invisible braces with ceramic brackets to give him the smile that he now proudly shows off to paparazzi on the red carpet.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow

Before the daughter of actress Blythe Danner bloomed into the blonde bombshell we know today, her high school years were no different from most of ours. In fact she had no problem sporting her metal braces for her high school yearbook.

4. Miley Cyrus

When this Hannah Montana star needed to straighten her smile in her teen years she opted for something a little less obvious—lingual braces. These braces look just like traditional metal braces but instead of going on the front of the smile for everyone to see they are attached to the back of the teeth. That way the Disney star could still show off her smile without showing off her braces.

5. Faith Hill

At the 2013 Grammy Awards, country singer Faith Hill didn’t just dazzle the camera with her gorgeous attire but also another accessory, as well—braces. Faith Hill has joined a growing list of older celebrities who are opting for orthodontic treatment to get straighter, healthier smiles. After all, when you are constantly in the spotlight it helps to have a gorgeous smile. And Faith Hill proves that you don’t need to be a teenager to get straighter teeth.

To find out if braces could help your smile, call your Columbus orthodontist today to learn more. We would be happy to sit down with you and talk you through the treatment process. Call to schedule your consultation today!

snoring columbusIf you suffer from snoring you’re not alone. In fact, almost half of the population is affected by snoring to some degree. When it becomes an every night occurrence, however, it can have detrimental effects on an individual’s health and relationships. Fortunately, treatments are available, including dental appliances from our Columbus, OH area dentist that help open up your airway for unobstructed breathing, allowing you and those around you to achieve a better night’s rest.

Negative Effects of Snoring

Unfortunately, snoring and sleep go hand-in-hand which can have a negative effect on your health, your personal relationships and your overall quality of life. If you snore, you may wake frequently from the snoring or the constant tossing and turning; and this can make sleeping difficult for your spouse or partner as well. The ongoing sleep disruption and excessive tiredness resulting from snoring can strain even the most dedicated relationship leading to resentment, eventually sleeping in separate rooms, and in some cases, divorce.
Severe cases of snoring can cause serious, long-term health problems as well, including potentially life-threatening obstructive sleep apnea, which has been linked to heart failure, high blood pressure and stroke. A person with sleep apnea will wake up several times throughout a night in order to regain their breathing that is continuously being disrupted. Additionally, irritability, sleepiness, and lack of productivity during the day are other serious consequences of excessive sleep deprivation.

Putting and End to Your Restless Nights with a Dental Snoring Appliance

If snoring is disrupting your health, relationships and day-to-day activities, visit our Columbus, OH area dentist for custom fabricated, removable dental appliances that help put an end to your snoring and allow you to enjoy a quiet night’s sleep. These appliances are designed to maintain an unobstructed airway in the mouth and throat so that the patient can breathe normally while sleeping and ultimately end snoring. Snoring appliances are 85% effective and require no surgery, but for the most complex and severe cases, surgery can be a viable option.
In Columbus snoring management may also include self-help remedies, including:
  • Sleeping on your side
  • Losing weight
  • Limiting alcohol and medications before bed
  • Elevating your head during sleep
Eliminating your snoring will result in a better night’s sleep for both you and those around you, improve your health, and ultimately boost your overall quality of life. Take action now if you are tired of losing sleep and get the rest you need and deserve at last in Columbus with snoring and sleep apnea treatment.
October 22, 2013
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TMJ Columbus, OH

Treatment for Pain of the TMJ from Your Columbus, OH Dentist

TMJ treatment, referred to by some dentists as TMJ therapy, involves a few options. Because TMJ is most commonly the result of TMJ Pain Relief Columbus, OHa misaligned bite, which places stress on joints and muscles, Dr. Slabach, your dentist near Columbus, will first identify and correct the unstable bite so that the teeth, the joints, and the muscles are all aligned. Using precise instruments to first relax your jaw muscles, your dentist can determine the correct bite that provides the healthiest, most relaxed state of the muscles, eliminating the tension, which causes pain. 

TMJ mouthguards may also be an option for treating TMJ—soft, plastic protectors that slip over the upper and lower teeth to prevent grinding. Mouthguards make it difficult to clench the jaws, a leading cause of TMJ pain. Your dentist may also recommend routine jaw exercises to ease the clenching or grinding that is contributing to the stress on the lower jaw.   

Whether your TMJ disorder is a problem that developed over time or has recently entered your life, the pain and symptoms associated with this disorder can often disrupt your lifestyle. If you are suffering from chronic headaches and/or a painful neck, schedule an appointment with your dentist. You may be suffering from disorder of the TMJ in Columbus, OH. 

Dr. Dawne Slabach, your Columbus, OH dentist, is trained to handle and promote complete healing in Columbus for TMJ disorders. 

Do you feel a clicking when you open your jaw?  Do you experience pain or jaw locking?

August 22, 2013
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Dentist Columbus, OH and Worthington, OH

Dr. Dawne Slabach Offers Dental Care to the Columbus, OH Area
Patients searching for a dentist in Columbus and surround areas turn to Dr. Dawne Slabach and her experienced dental team.  Through the latest technologies and philosophies in a comfortable, compassionate and interactive environment, Dr. Slabach strives to treat the Dental Exam Columbus, OHwhole person rather than just traditional dental care.
Whether you suffer from TMJ disorders, require braces or even need help overcoming your sleep apnea and snoring, Dr. Slabach, General Dentist, works with each individual patient to treat their whole body and not just the dental condition.  As a Columbus dentist, Dr. Slabach and her team of dental professionals work with you to achieve and maintain healthy jaw joints, restful sleep and beautiful smiles.  You will leave Dr. Slabach’s office with a healthy smile and a healthy body.
At the office of Dr. Dawne Slabach, a general dentist in Worthington, patients can receive treatments in the following areas:

  • TMJ Disorders
  • Sleep apnea/snoring
  • Headaches
  • Orthodontics

From sleep apnea to braces in Columbus, patients can find the treatment they need to experience an improved quality of life with the help of Dr. Dawne Slabach, General Dentist, and her dental team.

Patients are encouraged to call (614) 781-2322 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Slabach, a Worthington and Columbus, OH dentist, for more information on their condition and proper treatment.


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